Hills Christian Church provides ministries designed to meet the needs and help develop and challenge the spiritual growth of our church family. Take a look and see where you can get involved.

Finding Where I Fit

What’s Your Passion?

What exactly are you passionate about? Unsure? We have a way to help you figure it out. We offer a Spiritual Gifts classes to all those interested in getting involved with Hills Christian Church and within the missions we support.

What’s the Spiritual Gifts Class?

The class will be a four-week intensive workshop where participants will explore the ideas of why God gives each person spiritual gifts, and how they can be used for the Kingdom of God. As part of the workshop, participants will each fill out an intensive spiritual gift inventory and have it scored, and have opportunity to talk about what they discover about their own gifts. In addition we will inventory and look at the role of personality types, discussing how the personality shapes the spiritual gifts, and finally look at our unique life experiences to see how they uniquely prepare us for doing good (and sometimes surprising) work for God.

Get Involved

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