Sundays: 10am

Our desire at Hills Christian Church is to CONNECT people to Christ, and EQUIP them to make a difference. We want you to feel at home with us and assured that we are people seeking God as best we can. Our hope is that you will find a community in which you can discover God’s purpose for your life and make a difference in your relationships, your community, and your world.

Come as you are…

You don’t have to dress up or be any particular age. We don’t care who you voted for in the last election. And please don’t feel the need to pretend about anything. Hills Christian Church is a place where God meets people where they are, and we are all far from perfect. That means you belong here no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

…but don’t stay that way.

Spectators find it hard to grow at this church. We encourage you to meet some people. Get involved and go deeper. Little steps you take toward God build on one another and lead to extraordinary results.

Sundays are more than a service…

Far too often in our culture church is simply thought of as something you attend.  But this was never what God intended. His Church is about community. It’s about His family. It’s about spending time together and living life together. When we reduce His family to a service we miss many of the blessings God intends for our lives.


At the CORE Christian Community we set Sundays aside, as the Church historically has, as a day for Jesus’ family to gather to worship, to build relationships, to be equipped to live the life Jesus intends for us, and to not just attend a service but to BE the Church.


After our time of worship, which includes music, a message, a time of giving and a time to take The Lord’s Supper (Communion), we then continue in what we call Connect Groups. This is simply people getting together to build relationships. Some groups go out to eat at restaurants or homes. Other groups do an activity like running, volleyball, games, or go down to the shooting range. Still others simply go back to homes to relax and talk.


Finally, we return to the Community Center for a time of equipping. We have various classes on many different topics ranging from Bible studies, to learning how to counsel your friends, to learning how to be a better parent.

So join us for something a little different on Sunday… it’s more than a service it’s a family.

About our Sunday services…

Our Sunday service lasts about 80 minutes. Our worship is an acoustically-styled set of more modern worship songs, with some hymns mixed in. Our messages tend to be more along the lines of a teaching and range from studies of books of the Bible to current events to topics that are important in our lives. We also hold a weekly communion time for us to remember Jesus’ sacrifice and respond in gratefulness. This is open to all believers. Our atmosphere is very casual and we like to think that our time together is more of a family “get-together” than a formal “service.” So dress casual, grab a warm beverage on your way in, and come join us!

Our weekend services offer care and programs for infants all the way up to fifth grade.

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