We believe that our Sunday morning service is about gathering together to worship God and learn more about Him from His Word. When we worship God corporately, we’re uniting as one body to lift up our voices to sing about the wonderful God that we have, the miraculous things he has done, and even at times to cry out to Him. We not only believe that this is powerful, but also important to God and to our relationship with Him.

Our Sunday morning worship time is more contemporary in style, but we simply can’t ignore the beautiful hymns that modern worship music has its roots in, so you may hear a few of those from time to time. God has blessed us with some amazing musicians who will be able to lead us in an acoustically-styled service that we hope will encourage you to praise God along with us, pause in moments of prayer to thank Him for what He’s done, or talk to Him about what’s on your heart, and to stop to remember the great sacrifice He made for us through the taking of communion.

We are passionate about you serving in your area of giftedness, so if you are musically gifted, please let us know! Serving with the worship band can include singing, playing an instrument, helping to run slides, or managing audio equipment. We strongly desire to help you grow as a musician and also to help the congregation encounter God in our worship service.

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